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20 killed in road traffic accident due to absent safety standards in road construction

At least 20 people were killed and others were injured in a bus collision with a vehicle carrying petroleum products on the eastern desert road in Assiut Governorate, southern Egypt.

According to local media, the accident led to the burn out of the bus and the vehicle; 18 people were killed.

The Egyptian prosecution explained in its investigations regarding the accident that the collision occurred due to the bus travelling in the opposite direction. There were no warning signs for road diversions. It added that if road repairs are carried out, the company carrying out the works should inform the authority about his workplace and the traffic destination. However, the company has not notified the authority to close the road due to the ongoing construction there.

The prosecution revealed that it had moved to the accident site and found repairs on one side of the road. That made the traffic on one side without lighting poles, guide, or warning signs. Traffic accidents are frequent in Egypt due to failure to comply with safety standards, worn-out roads, vehicles, and drivers’ failure to adhere to traffic instructions. The governorates of Upper Egypt suffer from government neglect, especially in the field of roads and transportation that lead to catastrophes that continuously kill citizens.

Two weeks ago, an accident occurred between two trains in Sohag governorate, which resulted in more than 30 deaths and the injury of nearly 150 others.