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Hazem Hosni resigns from Cairo University after leaving prison

The Egyptian politician and academic Dr. Hazem Hosni announced his resignation from Cairo University because the university ignored his arrest for more than a year on charges of spreading false news.

Last February, the Egyptian authorities released the political science professor, Hazem Hosni, known for his opposition to the Al-Sisi regime. But it continued to impose so-called precautionary measures on him so that he could not leave his home.

Hosni published his resignation, for which he did not receive a response, on his personal Facebook page. He mentioned in his resignation reactions from activists who expressed their solidarity and anger about what happened to him.

Activists considered that Cairo University lost the economic, thinker, and political stature of several generations with Hosni’s resignation. In the text of his resignation, Hosni said that he was waiting for a statement defending him from Cairo University and that the university would assign a professor of the Faculty of Law to attend court with him.

He explained that this did not change the course of events in anything. However, it would have made him feel an institutional affiliation, as the prosecution would have felt that Cairo University was keen to uncover the truth about the serious accusations leveled against him. Since September 2019, Hazem Hosni has been arrested and remanded in custody pending investigation into charges that he denies.

Authorities charged Hosni with sharing knowledge with a terrorist group, promoting its purposes, misusing social media to spread rumours, and publishing and broadcasting false news and statements. Last November, the Supreme State Security Prosecution decided to imprison Hazem Hosni for 15 days, against the background of his accusation in a new case for allegedly participating in the achievement of the goals of a terrorist group with knowledge of its objectives.

Hazem Hosni was a spokesman for Lieutenant General Sami Anan, the former chief of staff of the Egyptian army, when he announced his candidacy for the 2018 presidential elections against Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi. Anan was excluded from the voters’ lists before the presidential elections and was detained for nearly two years. People around him, such as Hazem Hosni and Counselor Hesham Geneina, were also arrested.