Wife of MB leader sends a video message to her son after eight years in prison


Human rights pages and platforms on social media published a video clip of Sanaa Abdel-Gawad, the wife of the Muslim Brotherhood leader, Mohamed El-Beltagy, who is currently detained.

During the video clip, which was widely shared, Mrs. Sanaa sent a message to her son Anas, who has been detained for nearly eight years.

Sanaa recalled the killing of her daughter Asmaa during the dispersal of the Rabaa Al-Adawiya sit-in in 2013, saying that the month of Ramadan falls for the eighth time since the arrest of her husband and son. In her video message to her dear son Anas, Sanaa said, “they have deprived me of you for eight years. They killed Asmaa, our sweetheart, and they were not satisfied with that. They kidnapped you and your father from me. For eight long years have been deprived of you, Anas.” She added that she would never give up until Anas gets out, God willing, with his head held high, and she explained to her son that he is always with her, as he is the absent present.

Anas Al-Beltagy was arrested in December 2013, when he was 19-years-old, following his father’s arrest, Mohamed El-Beltagy. Anas was placed in several prisons, the last of which was the high-security Scorpion Prison, inside an isolation cell. He has not yet been released, despite having obtained three acquittals.

Since his arrest following the military coup, Anas has been prevented from completing his studies. He has also been prevented from meeting with his father in prison, according to the Egyptian prison law.

Last February, Al-Beltagy’s wife said that he faces slow killing in his solitary confinement cell inside Scorpion Prison. She confirmed that they are slowly being killed in solitary confinement designed to be ovens in the summer and refrigerators in the winter, laying on the ground without blankets or heavy clothes, in light of the authorities’ lack of justice and humanity.