Egypt authorities refuse to hand over bodies of executed defendants


The families of the relatives of some of those executed in the case of storming the Kerdasa Police Station revealed that the security services have so far been reluctant to hand over all the bodies of their relatives.

They stated in press statements that a small number of the bodies had already been handed over to their families, amid strict security measures, either in front of the morgue or in their place of burial.

They explained that despite the passage of several days since the execution of 17 political opponents who were sentenced to death by hanging, the security services are reluctant to hand over their bodies to their families for burial. They added that there is a state of anger and discontent among the families of the victims with the security services, which stipulated the presence of the least possible number of people to receive the bodies of their relatives and handed them over late at night. They said that the security services imposed strict procedures for the burial and that a mourning pavilion was not allowed because of the precautionary measures for the corona epidemic.

Political and human rights activist Haytham Abokhalil said that the Egyptian regime violates all legal and criminal procedures. There are incidents in which the security forces detained the bodies of some for 18 days without handing them over to their families. The Egyptian Network for Human Rights documented the implementation of 75 death sentences over the past years against opponents of the regime without informing the families of those sentenced.

It explained that this is a violation of Article 475 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, which states that the death penalty may not be carried out on official holidays or holidays of the accused’s religion.