Detained journalist Jamal Al-Jamal transferred to hospital


A source close to the detained Egyptian journalist Gamal El-Gamal confirmed that the prison administration transferred him to the prison hospital after his health condition deteriorated.

The source said that Al-Jamal needs intensive treatment and rest, especially as he suffered two successive strokes after his arrest and imprisonment in poor conditions.

A source from the family of the arrested journalist, Jamal Al-Jamal, had confirmed two days ago, in press statements, that he had been infected with the Coronavirus and transferred him to isolation inside the prison after his health deteriorated.

The source said that Al-Jamal suffers from chest, back, and neck pains. His condition has deteriorated sharply in the past two days. The prison administration refused to transfer him to the prison hospital for examination and treatment. The source added, in press statements, that Al-Jamal’s lawyer submitted a request to the Attorney General, Counselor, Hamada Al-Sawy, to transfer him to the hospital after the security services refused to transfer him to a private hospital with the knowledge of his family.

On February 28, journalist Gamal El-Gamal was brought before the prosecution in Egypt, five days after his enforced disappearance upon his arrival at Cairo Airport from Istanbul. At the time, a source close to El-Gamal said that upon the arrival of the journalist from Istanbul, where he spent years in self-imposed exile, he was arrested and informed that it was a routine matter. He explained that the security authorities had told Al-Jamal that he would be released as soon as possible, but on the condition that he would not announce his arrest.

Gamal al-Jamal left Cairo years ago, after Abdel Fattah al-Sisi took control of the country, and appeared on Egyptian opposition channels broadcasting from Turkey criticizing Al-Sisi’s regime in Egypt.