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Doubts raised over death of ex-chief of Ukraine intelligence in Egypt

The drowning of the ex-chief of Ukraine intelligence, Viktor Nail Hvozd, in a tourist resort in South Sinai, Egypt, has raised doubts about the accident.

The General Prosecutor Office of Egypt declared that it is investigating the death of a citizen of Ukraine who drowned whilst diving in Dahab.

Doubts and questions escalated about the accident, especially since the Ukrainian man worked there as a diving instructor. It is, as some said, hard to believe that he drowned.

Hvozd drowned on a beach in the Gulf of Aqaba, on the coast of the city of Dahab in South Sinai. A medical source in the South Sinai governorate said that the deceased arrived at Dahab General Hospital. The initial inspection indicates that the death was a result of drowning and is not suspicious.

Earlier, UNN reported that the former head of the foreign intelligence service Viktor Nail drowned in Egypt whilst diving. This information was confirmed by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Evgeny Yenin. His friend tried to help him with another Egyptian diver, they were able to pull him out onto the beach and rendered him first aid, but he died immediately after hospitalisation.

The GP interrogated a friend of the deceased man, the owner of the diving centre: “They all confirmed that the deceased received an international certificate, allowing him to dive into a depth of 100 metres. The death came from an acute decline of Viktor’s vital forces due to his body’s sharp rise to the water’s surface. His friend stated that be does not believe the circumstances of his death are suspicious. “His Ukrainian friend said that during diving at a depth of 40 metres, he suddenly saw how the man’s body was rising to the surface of the water quickly. He tried to stop the man, frightened for his life, but could not,” according to the GP.

Former advisor to the Egyptian Information Authority, Tariq Al-Mahdawi, said that Hvozd’s drowning raises several questions: How did he drown while he is a diving teacher? Al-Mahdawi said in a post on his Facebook page: “I smell the Russian foreign intelligence service, especially since the cooperation between it and the Egyptian services is very close.”

Activists mocked the news. They pointed out that Major General Abdel Qader Al-Amoudi, Yemeni Assistant Minister of Defence for Human Resources, died in March 2019 in a traffic accident on the street in the Egyptian capital which they also considered suspicious.