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Parliamentary committee: More than 10mn Egyptians are drug abusers

The Social Solidarity Committee of the Egyptian House of Representatives revealed that the number of citizens who use drugs in the country has reached 10 million. The committee stated that the rate of drug abuse amounted to 10 per cent, more than 10 million Egyptians, and that the rate of addiction reached three per cent. These shocking statements came during a meeting held by the Social Solidarity Committee in the House of Representatives on Thursday to discuss the role of the National Council for Combating and Treating Addiction.

According to the Addiction Control and Treatment Fund statistics, the committee added that narcotics such as tramadol and heroin are among the most common drugs used by young people. According to the committee’s report, the most important driving factors for drug abuse are bad friends, curiosity, family disintegration, unemployment, and leisure time, explaining that adolescents are more susceptible to addiction, followed by adults aged between 45 and 65. It added that one of the reasons for the spread of this phenomenon in society is obscene wealth, young people’s frustration, psychological depression, and the spread of certain films and series.

The Egyptian authorities have been accused of failing to deal with drug dealers in sports clubs and certain neighbourhoods in light of the security services’ preoccupation with chasing and arresting political opponents. From time to time, drug trafficking cases appear involving police officers, judges, and parliamentarians who have immunity, which indicates that major agencies are behind the spread of the drug trade.

The Egyptian government recently resorted to enacting a law allowing it to dismiss drug-using employees from their jobs after noting that addiction was widespread among government employees.