The GERD crisis: Egypt’s FM expresses frustration at the UN Security Council response


Egypt’s FM Sameh Shoukry said that his country expected more effective response from the UN Security Council over the Egyptian demand to discuss the crisis of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

Shoukry’s statements came in response to French UN Ambassador Nicolas de Rivière, council president for July, who pointed out that there was little the Security Council could do other than bring the parties together to express their concerns and then encourage them to return to negotiations to reach a solution. “I don’t think the council can do much more than that,” he told reporters. “De Rivière’s statements expresses his own opinion, but does not reflect the Egyptian full coordination with France,” said Shoukry.

Shoukry explained that the Security Council contains conflicting interests as some member states hesitates towards water issues. However, the Egyptian foreign minister pointed out that the decision to hold an urgent session over the Egyptian demand was not to be made unless the Egyptian efforts and communications.

The UN Security Council to hold a session, next Thursday, over the crisis of Renaissance Dam in response to an Egyptian-Sudanese demand over the Ethiopian reluctance to have a deal over the rules of filling the dam in order to keep Egypt’s and Sudan’s shares of the Nile water.

On the other hand, Arab League UN Ambassador Maged Abdel Fattah pointed out that the Egyptian-Sudanese mission in the Security Council is complex and intertwined as many member states have fears of converting conflicts over rivers to international security issues, and of stocking discord between the Arab world and Africa.