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Workers of Nile Linen Group strike against low wages

Over 1200 workers announced, on Saturday, full strike in Nile Linen Group textile company in Alexandria. The strike protests the administration’s break of its promise to improve labor’s wages, adding families of workers to medical insurance, and disbursement of social assistance.

The Center for Trade Union & Workers’ Services said in a statement that the administration of the company had approved labor’s demands after 2 weeks bargaining between the company’s trade union and the financial director, but the workers were surprised with cutting wages from 2100 L.E to 2000 L.E, which is lower than the minimum wage set by the ministry of manpower at 2400 L.E.

In June, the National Council of Wages, headed by the minister of planning and economic development Hala Saeed, set the monthly minimum wage at 2400 L.E in presence of the ministers of manpower and supplies along with the heads of the National Council for Women, the Central Agency for Organization & Administration, the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics. To be noticed that 80% of Egypt’s manpower, about 23.5 million, work for the private sector, so they do not receive the annual salary increase applied in the public sector and governmental institutions.