Egypt Watch

Egypt executes university student sentenced by emergency court

The Egyptian prisons authority executed, on Sunday, Moataz Moustafa Hassan, a 25-year-old university student, in Cairo Appeals Prison.

The execution came according to a death sentenced decided by the Supreme State Security Criminal Court, in March 2018, for three defendants on charges of attempting to assassinate police general Moustafa Nemr after his car exploded. Nemr survived the attempt, but two of his guards were murdered. The court convicted 11 people of the assassination attempt and two of them are arrested including Moataz and nine people were tried in absentia.

The Supreme State Security Prosecution accused the defendants of several charges including leading the Hasm Militant Group, which is claimed by the authorities to be the militant wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, besides attempting to assassinate the police general. The Supreme State Security Criminal Court is an exceptional court whose rulings cannot be appealed once ratified by the president himself, who oversees this emergency court as the military ruler of the country, according to the emergency law.

After an escalating wave of executing political prisoners in Egypt Amnesty International recently demanded the Egyptian authorities abolish the exceptional courts and stop executions.