Egypt Watch

Egypt’s parliament abolishes State Council legislative oversight

The Egyptian House of Representatives started amending its rulings to abolish the necessary oversight of the state council over legislation issued by the parliament.

The amendments were proposed by the state-sponsored Mostaqbal Watan party (Nation’s Future Party), which has a majority, and included authorising the speaker of the house of representatives whether to refer laws to the State Council for revision or not.

The step came in accordance with the 2019 constitutional amendments, which reduced the State Council’s authority, including revision of the compatibility of new legislation with the constitution. Before amendments, the constitution provided that new legislation cannot be passed by the parliament before a prior revision by the State Council. This was confirmed by a rule from the Supreme Administrative Court in 2017 that pointed out the necessity of legislative revision by the State Council and that skipping such revision could lead to conflicting and random legislation, which is damaging for the Egyptian state.

The Egyptian parliament has been criticised on and off over the past years over the low quality of the representative and the absolute support of the government, which leads to passing controversial legislation.