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Lord International sacks 38 workers for striking

Lord International Co. has sacked 38 workers from its factory in Alexandria after over 2,000 workers went on strike last week.

According to the Centre for Trade Unions and Workers Services, Lord’s administration refused to negotiate with labourers over their demands to raise wages to at least EGP 2,400, which is the minimum wage determined by the government.

They also demanded contracts for temporary workers who had worked for over 10 years for the factory, the raising of wages for shifts and the disbursement of profits annually not monthly. Against these demands, the administration threatened the workers with closing the factory and dismissal. In addition, the company discounted the bonus given to the workers in June for Eid Al-Adha from their wages in July.

The striking workers announced that they are going to form a trade union so they can negotiate with the administration. Workers’ protests have increased over the past several months. According to the Arab Network for Human Rights Information, 80 labour protests were recorded over the first quarter of 2021, including some who were suicidal because of the deterioration of living conditions.