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ISIS kills Egyptian military’s Brigadier General Mohamed Abdel Motagally in Sinai

Brigadier General Mohamed Abdel Motagally was killed, on Monday, in an attack by Wilayet Sinai, the ISIS branch in Sinai, in Rafah, the far north of Sinai.

Tribal sources said that an explosive device blew up a military chariot in Rafah killing and injuring its passengers including Brigadier General Mohamed Abdel Motagally.

The attack came days after ISIS announced blowing up two military bulldozers and sniping a soldier in New Rafah. There has been a sharp rise of ISIS attacks in North Sinai on the governmental corps that led to the killing of several high-ranking officers.

The most prominent of those officers was Brigadier General Khaled Erian, the leader of Egyptian SWAT in Sinai, in May. On 1 August, ISIS attacked an Egyptian military checkpoint, Zilzal 13, in Sheikh Zuweid, killing eight soldiers and injuring seven others.