Egypt Watch

Hunger strike in Scorpion Prison continues protesting inhumane detention conditions

The Egyptian Network for Human Rights has said that detainees in Scorpion 1 Prison continued their hunger strike, which began on 6 August, protesting the ever-deteriorating inhumane detention conditions.

The prison administration has denied some of the detainees visits for four years and denied many of them adequate healthcare. Over the past years, the detainees caught chronic diseases due to the awful detention conditions they suffer.

Summer doubles this suffering due to poor ventilation of the cells and deprivation of sun exposure leading to the spread of skin infections with lack of personal cleaning tools and medical care. The detainees also complain about the lack of food because the prison provides such small amounts for the prisoners and prevents them from buying food by setting the prices too high.

ENHR added that such measures are not recent, but rather continuous over the past several years. The network warned of alarming suicide attempts in the prison due to the persistent humiliation of prisoners. The network urged authorities to improve detention conditions and give the prisoners their most basic human rights.