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ANHRI: Protests rise in Egypt in August

The Arab Network for Human Rights Information announced, on Monday, that it had recorded seven protests during the first half of August, including five social protests and two labour demonstrations. Protests varied between mass complaints, strikes and demonstrations.

The most prominent protest was that of people of Shebin Al-Qanater village after the murder of two brothers by a policeman.

Labour protests involved the mass strike of workers at Lord International in Alexandria over low wages in addition to the strike of workers in Abu Hammad, Sharqia.

Earlier, ANHRI issued its report on social protests during 2021Q1, which recorded 80 protests, including 49 social protests and 31 labour ones, besides 16 suicide attempts due to economic causes. In 2021Q2, ANHRI recorded 44 protests.

Another organisation, the Arab Foundation for Civil Society and Human Rights, recorded 149 protests over the first half of 2021, mainly over unfair conditions for labourers.

ANHRI attributed the rise of labour protests to the ignorance of presidential decision 69 of 2021 regarding the periodical bonus for workers which exacerbated deteriorating economic conditions in the country.