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Egyptian authorities isolate political detainee in mortuary due to coronavirus

We Record for human rights monitoring in Egypt said that a political detainee denounced the isolation of another political detainee Madian Hassanein, 61, in the mortuary of Abassia Pulmonology Hospital after he was infected with coronavirus.

According to We Record, Hassanein deteriorated on 18 August after being infected with coronavirus in Tora Prison, so he was transferred to Abassia Hospital, but the hospital did not provide a bed for the new patient leaving him isolated in the mortuary.

Hassanein was handed over by the Sudanese authorities to Egypt in October 2019, and was detained in the National Security building in Zagazig.

We Record also denounced the decision of the Sudanese authorities, which said previously that they would not hand over opponents but did not keep their word. The organisation considered the Sudanese decision contradictory with international treaties, which forbid handing over wanted people to countries where they could be violated and tortured. Although Hassanein departed Egypt legally in November 2013, he was inserted in the case of Ansar Al-Shari’a, the extremist organisation.

Hassanein suffered arrest under the overthrown president Mohamed Hosni Mubarak in 2006, and was detained for two years without charges. Then he was arrested in 2010, and forcibly disappeared, tortured and humiliated. Hassanein was not charged with committing any crimes except for joining the extremist organisation, and he was not sentenced until now. He was left in unlimited pretrial detention.