Rights groups demand Biden’s administration be tougher to stop Egyptian regime’s violations


On Wednesday, 19 human rights organisations, including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, denounced the US administration’s decision to link a small part of US military aid to Egypt on progression on human rights.

The organisations said in a joint statement that the US administration ignored the congressional legislation that linked $300 million of the aid with adhering to the rule of law in Egypt and implementing reforms regarding basic freedoms, including holding the Egyptian security forces accountable for violating human rights.

The organisations considered the US administration’s decision a green light for the Egyptian government to continue its blunt violations of human rights. The statement accused Biden’s administration of lack of honesty, because it had promised it would be tougher over human rights, unlike Trump’s administration. The organisations expressed frustration at the decision, which they described as a terrible blow to the US adherence to human rights and the rule of law.

Democratic Senator Chris Murphy expressed his regret over the decision, and said in a statement that the decision represents a lost chance to promote human rights, adding that the decision could send a wrong message to the Egyptian authorities about the US’ position. The US Department of State will withhold $130 million of military aid to Egypt until Cairo makes progress over human rights.