Egypt Watch

Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi gives the signal for purging opponents from government

The Official Gazette has issued a decision by Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi to form a committee under the Prime Minister to review the non-disciplinary dismissal decisions issued by the ministers.

The decision says that the committee is to be headed by the deputy minister of justice and membered by representatives of 10 institutions including, the Military Intelligence, the National Security Agency, the National Security Authority, and the Military Judiciary along with the Administrative Control Authority, the Public Prosecution, the ministries of finance and justice, and the Central Agency for Organisation and Administration. In addition, the committee must receive a detailed file on the case of the dismissed employee. The decision regulates the legislation passed by parliament in July, to dismiss public employees who are members of the Muslim Brotherhood or any other “terrorist group,” according to the terrorism lists made by the Egyptian authorities.

Weeks after passing the legislation, the Supreme Council of Universities assigned heads of the universities to prepare lists of the names of people that belong to terror groups like the Muslim Brotherhood to sack them. The legislation is controversial as it allows the dismissal of public employees without judicial oversight. In addition, the terrorism lists in Egypt are untrustworthy as the Egyptian authorities baselessly add peaceful activists and associations.

Reuters reported that the legislation was passed within the crackdown in Egypt against opponents, whether Islamists or liberals, since 2013.