Egypt Watch

Egyptian campaign against death penalty says Egypt executed 176 over past year

The advocacy campaign, Stop the Death Penalty in Egypt, recorded 534 death sentences issued by Egypt’s courts in the period between August 2020 and August 2021.

The campaign’s first annual report, “The Irreversible: The death penalty crisis in Egypt,” showed that 228 death sentences were issued by the criminal courts, while 69 sentences were upheld by the cassation court, and 61 cases are pending the mufti’s opinion. In addition, the Egyptian Prisons Authority implemented 176 executions. The report showed that the sentenced included 16 women and another 16 women were already executed. Most sentences were issued against young people, while 19 people above 50 were also sentenced and 77 death sentences were issued in political cases.

The campaign added that the justice system in Egypt has overused the death penalty over the past years, especially with the establishment of exceptional courts such as the State Security Court for Emergency, the military courts and the terrorism circles in the criminal courts, which are accused of violating both the international and local standards of fair trials. The campaign pointed out that over the past years, several international and local human rights organisations have called on the Egyptian authorities to abolish the death penalty, especially regarding the overuse of it in political cases.