Egypt Watch

We Record: Suffering of detainees in Scorpion Prison continues to deteriorate

We Record has said that detention conditions in Scorpion Prison, where the most prominent political detainees are jailed, continues to deteriorate, reaching a situation that represents a serious threat for the mental and physical health of the detainees. It has pushed some of them to attempt suicide, while others are still on an open hunger strike after two months.

In a statement, the human rights organisation pointed out that exercise outside the cells has been denied since 2016, and that they are denied exposure to sunlight. Moreover, the visits and receiving of food or clothing from outside has also been prevented since 2018, and since 2016 for some detainees. In addition to this, medical care is lacking which led to the death of 13 detainees over the past few months.

The awful detention conditions pushed four detainees to clash with the guards in September 2020, which concluded with the murder of the four detainees along with three policemen. This is not the first time a human rights organisation has expressed concern over the awful conditions of the terrible Scorpion Prison. Last month, the Egyptian Network for Human Rights warned of the remarkable increase in the number of suicide attempts in the prison.

ENHR pointed out that the prison is not a punishment institution, but rather a tool for humiliating and silently killing political opponents.