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Human rights organisations denounce state security’s sentences against El-Elaimy, Fouad and Mo’nes

Eight human rights organisations denounced the sentence issued by the exceptional State Security Court for Emergency against the Egyptian politician Ziad El-Elaimy of five years imprisonment and against the journalists Hesham Fouad and Hossam Mo’nes of three years imprisonment in case 957 of 2021.

According to a joint statement, the organisations said that such a shameful sentence exposes the “ending” of the state of emergency in Egypt and the delusory nature of the declared National Strategy for Human Rights. The sentences assert the continuation of the Egyptian authorities’ anti human rights policies.

The organisations include the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies, the Egyptian Front for Human Rights, the Freedom Initiative, Al-Nadim Centre, the Egyptian Delegation for Human Rights, the Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression, the Committee for Justice, and the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights.

The case started in July, when the three activists were referred for trial before the State Security Court after the detainees ended the maximum pretrial detention in case 930 of 2019, which is known in media as “the Hope Alliance Case” in a usual illegal trick used by the Egyptian authorities to prevent the release of political detainees. In October, the lawyers demanded to close the case because the State Security Court became unconstitutional after the end of the state of emergency, but the trial went on.

The organisations said that the sentence came within a reprisal campaign from the authorities against the activists since June 2019, when they attempted to form an opposing electoral alliance for the parliamentary elections. The authorities then launched a crackdown against many activists from different political currents claiming that they were planning protests against the regime.