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Families of Scorpion Prison detainees express concern over Hamdi Hassan’s death

The association of Scorpion Prison detainees’ families said that Hamdi Hassan, the ex-parliamentarian and Muslim Brotherhood senior official who died in the Scorpion Prison two weeks ago, was not the first victim in this disreputable prison.

In a press release on Facebook, the association warned of the continuous violations that could eliminate more victims over the upcoming period and added that the death of Hamdi Hassan was a shock for the families of the detainees.

Violations include solitary confinement, the denial of visits and time to exercise, lack of medical care, denial of books, pens and papers, lack of food, beds and duvets, which means the prisoners sleep on the floor even on extremely cold winter nights.

Hassan, who was the spokesman of the MB parliamentary bloc over three consecutive rounds, passed away after eight years in detention, including five years during which he was denied any communication with his family. He was arrested in August 2013 and detained in the high security Scorpion Prison along with several MB officials. Hassan is the 44th Egyptian detainee to die in 2021.