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Egypt increases the price of medicine used for treating coronavirus

The Egyptian Drug Authority has agreed to raise the price of certain medication, some of which is used to treat coronavirus, colds, and liver diseases.

Among the items included in the decision is the antihistamine Telfast, which increased from EGP 20 to EGP 23, and GIT, which rose from EGP 28.75 to EGP 56, which is a drug used in the treatment of bronchitis, expelling phlegm, soothing coughs, and relieving sore throats. Prednisolone, whose price has increased from EGP 45 to EGP 54 pounds, is an anti-inflammatory and is used to treat people with coronavirus to prevent lung damage. Tavoniflox, the price of which increased from EGP 20.40 to EGP 28, is an antibiotic used for respiratory disease. The price of Rhinopro, for the treatment of colds, flues, and sinus congestion, increased from EGP 23.25 to EGP 31. The price of the nutritional supplement Fast increased from EGP nine to EGP 25, while the price of Herbal Bronch, an expectorant repellent, increased to EGP 32 from EGP 25.

Egypt has recorded a noticeable increase in the number of infections with the coronavirus, as the Ministry of Health announced on Monday 1,569 cases and 41 deaths.

A member of the Medicine Division of the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce, Mohamed El-Sayed, attributed the increase in drug prices to the high cost of shipping raw materials used in the manufacture and production of pharmaceutical items. According to El-Sayed, the price of raw materials has increased sixfold after the pandemic. He also explained that the Medicine Authority approved requests submitted by pharmaceutical companies to raise the price of some pharmaceutical items because they are experiencing a shortage.

The Egyptian Medicine Authority agreed last week to a new increase in several vital items in the drug market, by repricing 24 medical drugs.