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Egyptian government to remove 3 residential areas in Old Cairo

The Cairo Governorate has issued a statement announcing the removal of three residential areas in the Old Cairo neighbourhood during the coming period, which are: Al-Jayara, Hosh Al-Ghajar, Al-Sukar Wl Al-Lemon, as part of the development work around the Wall of Magra El-Ayoun. The statement explained that the evacuation of these areas comes within the framework of the plan to eliminate slums and unsafe residential areas, and to implement a touristic, cultural, and recreational project.

The governorate said that about 2,500 housing units are currently being prepared for the residents. It added that the plan targets the entire perimeter of the Wall of Magra El-Ayoun, and the development of 95 acres behind it. The governorate indicated that the New Urban Communities Authority will build residential and recreational projects here, including commercial markets, theatres, cinemas, and restaurants, as part of the Historic Cairo Revival Project to attract tourists.

Several areas in the Egyptian capital witnessed campaigns to remove real estate, the latest of which was the removal of the houses of the sixth and seventh districts of Nasr City to build new residential towers as part of a plan to develop the area. The Cairo Governorate also unofficially informed the residents of some streets in the areas of Al-Marg and Ezbet Al-Nakhl that the start of the work to remove their homes will be within a few weeks.

The Egyptian parliament has approved an amendment to the law on the expropriation of real estate for the public benefit to grant the president, or whomever he delegates, the authority to decide on behalf of public interest to expedite the pace of expropriation procedures. For their part, four Egyptian parties issued a statement condemning the attempts to displace the residents of the sixth and seventh neighbourhoods in Nasr City under the pretext of developing the area, stressing that the development project promoted by the government lacks transparency, and threatens to remove 4,500 housing units inhabited by tens of thousands of people. The parties announced their solidarity with the legitimate stances of the people who refuse to leave their homes, explaining that the pretexts raised for demolishing homes are flimsy, and the plans put forward for development are vague.