Human rights organizations condemn the Egyptian authorities for indulgence in death sentences


The Egyptian Front for Human Rights issued a statement condemning the Egyptian authorities’ execution of seven people in two cases that contained incidents of political violence.

25The two cases are the case known as the “Helwan Microbus” and the case known as “Ajnad Misr”, in which the defendants were subjected to extensive violations, whether during the process of arrest, investigation or trial.

According to the statement, on Tuesday, March 8, the Prisons Authority executed four people in case No. 9115 of 2016, known as the “Helwan Microbus” case, less than a year after the Court of Cassation, on April 13, 2021, confirmed the death sentences issued by the Criminal Court in November 25, 2019. The four are: Abdullah Muhammad Shukri, Mahmoud Abdel-Tawab Morsi, Mahmoud Abdel Hamid Ahmed Al-Junaidi, Ahmed Salama Ashmawi.

According to the lawyer of one of the four people who were executed, after his arrest his client was subjected to severe physical torture during the period of his enforced disappearance.

Also, on March 10, the Prison Authority implemented death sentences for three persons convicted in Case No. 3455 of 2014, known as “Ajnad Misr” case, more than two years after the Court of Cassation confirmed the death sentences issued against them by the Criminal Court in December 2017. The defendants in this case were subjected to widespread violations, including enforced disappearance, forced confessions, as well as interrogation in the absence of their lawyers. The three are: Bilal Ibrahim Subhi

Farhat, Muhammad Hassan Izz al-Din Muhammad Hassan, and Taj al-Din Mu’nis Muhammad Muhammad Hamida.