Egypt Watch

Five tribal militants were killed in clashes with Sinai’s ISIS

Five militants from the state-sponsored tribal militias were killed in North Sinai during clashes with the Sinai Province group affiliated with ISIS. This brings the death toll of the Sinai Tribes Union, a grouping of tribes cooperating with the Egyptian authorities in security operations in North Sinai, since the beginning of the year to 13, all of them killed in confrontations with the Sinai Province group. This comes about a week after the group announced its support for the new leader of ISIS, Abu al-Hassan al-Hashemi al-Qurashi.

Tribal groups supporting the army had lost dozens of their members in direct and indirect attacks by the group. They have also become the first player in the war against armed organizations in North Sinai. Some tribal groups face accusations of exploiting their proximity to the army to settle old scores with civilians, as well as planting and smuggling drugs.