General Intelligence Directorate increases salaries of its media staff


On Thursday, the salaries of all employees, including journalists and administrators in newspapers and satellite channels affiliated with the United Media Services Company, the investment umbrella directly affiliated with the General Intelligence Directorate, increased by 15%. The company owns DMC, Al-Hayat, CBC, Extra News, Al-Mehwar, Al-Nas, ON, Time Sports, Al-Ahly and Al-Zamalek channels, in addition to major newspapers and news websites such as Youm 7, Al-Watan, Al-Dostor, Mobtada, Amwal Al-Ghad, Dot Masr, and Sawt Al-Umma. The company also acquires the programs of Channel One broadcast on official television, as well as radio stations Nile Radio Network, Mega FM, Nagham FM, Shaabi FM, Radio Hits, and Radio 9090, in addition to Presentation Sports, a sports company, and Stadiums, a development enterprise.

The Egyptian Parliament is also discussing a draft law submitted by the government to increase military pensions by 15%, as of April 1, 2022. The draft law contradicts the constitution’s provisions regarding non-discrimination between citizens, as it approved an annual increase of 15% on all types of military pensions, without maximum limits, while the increase in civil pensions is limited to only 13%, and a maximum of 1222 pounds per month. Last year, Parliament agreed to amend some provisions of the Law on Conditions of Service and Promotion for Armed Forces Officers with the aim of granting monthly bonuses to officers.

The amendment also stipulated shortening the periods of disciplinary penalties imposed on officers in the cases of retirement and dismissal.