Heritage Initiative denounces the Egyptian authorities’ intention to remove a historic fountain


The Heliopolis Heritage Initiative has condemned the Egyptian government’s plan to demolish Roxy Park’s iconic fountain and replace it with a plaza housing small vendors.

On its official Facebook page, the initiative said that this decision amounts to “a crime against the country.” The initiative coordinator, Shukri Asmar, said that they learned from government officials in the Hygiene and Beautification Authority in Cairo that the government intends to remove the fountain. The initiative seeks to meet with the governor of Cairo and the head of the Urban Coordination Authority to urge them to stop the decision.

Asmar said that the park is historical and probably dates back to the 1920s, explaining: “We have photographs of the park dating back to the early 1930s. The park’s area is classified as Area A by the Urban Harmony Organization, which means that dealing with it is subject to the most strict rules.”