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Human rights organizations warn of deporting an Egyptian youth from Sudan to Egypt

Human rights organizations condemned the Sudanese authorities’ threat to an Egyptian youth residing in Sudan, Wadah Nour El-Din (33 years), to hand him over to the Egyptian authorities. Nour El-Din was arrested on March 16.

Al-Shehab Center for Human Rights said that it cut off contact with Nour El-Din amid fears that he would be deported to Egypt. The organization demanded his release.

The Egyptian Network for Human Rights also condemned the arrest of Nour El-Din. It warned against repeating the tragedy of Hossam Salam, a young man who was handed over to the Egyptian authorities by Badr Airlines and who was also residing in Sudan. The organization said that Nour El-Din was arrested while he was at the Foreigners Affairs headquarters in Khartoum to obtain permission to travel. Sudanese authorities accuse him of belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Nour El-Din had spoken to his family twice until the family was surprised by who had turned his phone off and cut off communication with him. The family learned from sources that he was inside the headquarters of the Sudanese Security and expressed their fears that he would be subjected to torture and deportation to Egypt.

Nour El-Din is married, has two sons, and resides legally in Khartoum. He studied at the Faculty of Commerce at Tanta University before circumstances forced him to travel for fear of security prosecution against him in Egypt.

The Egyptian Network for Human Rights called on the Sudanese authorities not to deport him to Egypt and hold them fully responsible for his life and security. The past few years have witnessed the arrest of dozens of Egyptian citizens by the Sudanese authorities and their detention for varying periods before handing them over to the Egyptian security services on the pretext that they belong to the Muslim Brotherhood.