Egypt Watch

With over EGP 100 billion in 2021: The Egyptian military dominates governmental contracts

The National Service Projects Organization (NSPO) of the Egyptian Armed Forces revealed that it had implemented 227 state projects worth 100 billion Egyptian pounds ($5.45 billion) this year. During a meeting with President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, the director of the NSPO, Major General Walid Abul-Magd, reviewed the ongoing and future projects of the army agency in various governorates.

Abul-Magd presented cooperation plans with the Ministry of Higher Education, which included American expertise in educational software and applications. He also discussed work progress in land reclamation in the second phase of the Toshka project in the South Valley region.

Sisi had directed to strengthen the efforts of the army agency in all primary sectors in the state, in coordination with government agencies, in a way that helps enhance the economic returns of the agency and improves the exploitation of resources.

The Central Auditing Organization had tried several years ago to exercise administrative or financial control over the army. Still, the Defense Minister’s Financial Affairs Authority refused to allow it to view any documents related to army projects.