Egypt Watch

Doctors’ resignations from governmental work raise a concern about the future of the health sector

The Medical Syndicate has warned of the continued reluctance of doctors to work in the government sector and the increase in their emigration outside Egypt, revealing the resignation of 11,536 doctors since 2019, including 4,127 doctors during 2021 only, and 934 doctors from the beginning of this year until last March 22. This came in a report issued by the syndicate, in which it called on the Prime Minister and the concerned authorities to intervene to improve the health system.

The report indicated that the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Health issued in March 2019 a study on Egypt’s needs for doctors, which concluded that the number of doctors licensed to practice the profession until the end of 2018, excluding retired doctors, was 212,835, while those who were working at the time were only 82,000 doctors or only 38%.

The study stated that the rate of doctors in Egypt is 8.6 doctors for every ten thousand citizens, while the global average is 23 doctors for every ten thousand citizens. The syndicate said that despite three years since the study, the numbers and statistics show that the situation is still bad and is heading for the worse. According to the syndicate, 1,044 doctors resigned in 2016, 2,549 in 2017, 2,612 in 2018, 3,507 in 2019, 2,968 in 2020, 4,127 in 2021, and 934 in the first three months in 2022.