Egypt continues to suspend the import of the products of new 200 companies


The Egyptian Ministry of Trade and Industry has suspended imports of products from 173 Chinese, British, American, Turkish, Emirati and Saudi companies, including Almarai, Unilever, Lipton, Vaseline, Dove, Axe, and Red Bull.

Thus, the number of companies whose imports into Egypt were suspended during 2022 reaches 218, bringing the total number to about 800 companies and factories.

The ministry explained that the decision will be effective until the renewal of the necessary quality certificates to allow these companies to export their products to the Egyptian market by the Export and Import Control Authority (EICA) rules. While the products of these brands are prevented from being imported, their locally manufactured products continue to be traded without any change, as most of these companies own factories in Egypt. This came against the background of a decision issued by the ministry in 2016 requiring factories and companies exporting a group of goods to register with the EICA. The list includes agricultural and food commodities, cosmetics, toys, textiles, clothing, household appliances, furniture, and ceramics.