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Detained Lawyer Ali Kassab passes away in Tora Prison

Lawyer Ali Kassab’s family has said that his body was buried in his family’s graves in Dakahlia after receiving it from Zeinhom Morgue. Kassab, active in defending Islamist political prisoners, was imprisoned for three months in Tora Prison.

The security forces had arrested him from his home, and the State Security Prosecution charged him with several charges, including joining and financing a terrorist group. The family’s lawyer explained that Kassab was imprisoned in the Aga Prison in Dakahlia, and he stayed there for about two months. And his family was able to visit him, and he was in good health, but then he was sent to Tora Prison, and during the past three months, his family or any of his friends were unable to visit him.

The lawyer added that the family received a phone call yesterday morning from an officer in the Sinbillawain Police Department. He told them that Kassab had died in his prison cell and demanded that they collect his body from Zeinhom Morgue. A potential candidate for President of the Bar Association, Montaser El-Zayat, asked the association to investigate the causes of Kassab’s death.