Egypt Watch

Human Rights Report: Egypt Subjects Political Activists to Systematic Re-imprisonment

The Transparency Centre for Research, Documentation and Data Management, in partnership with the Arab Foundation for Civil and Political Rights, documented that 1,764 pre-trial detainees have been subjected, after the end of their pre-trial detention periods or the issuance of decisions to release them or verdicts acquitting them of specific charges, to re-imprisonment pending other cases with the same accusations or similar expenses.

The cases that the group was able to document were from January 2018 until the end of December 2021, with 2,744 cases. The group described the policy as a systematic violation of human rights, adding that it had not been used. The report revealed that 1,732 imprisoned men were subjected to this shameful policy and 32 women and 33 minors. Students came at the top of the victims, then engineers, teachers, lawyers, doctors, journalists, accountants, faculty members, researchers, and former parliamentarians.

The report stressed the growth of this phenomenon in the past four years, reaching its peak in 2021, with a total of 1456 victims, compared to 82 in 2018, 306 in 2019 and 843 in 2020. The report stated that ten detainees were re-imprisoned seven times, while 25 others were re-imprisoned six times, 40 five times, 75 four times, and 97 three times.