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Ethiopia: 88% of the construction work of the Renaissance Dam completed

Ethiopia has announced the completion of 88% of the construction work of the Renaissance Dam, hoping to complete all construction work by the end of 2023. This was stated by the Ethiopian ambassador to Russia, Alemayehu Tegenu, in a press interview with Sputnik.

Tegenu also said that Addis Ababa is ready to share technical information on the dam with Egypt and Sudan when necessary, stressing the need for dialogue with the two countries under the umbrella of the African Union.

A week ago, the Ethiopian Reporter published a report stating that the third filling of the dam would begin in July, according to unnamed sources. The report added that Addis Ababa is conducting the necessary technical tests to operate the second turbine, a step that takes one and a half to two months. About three weeks ago, Ethiopia admitted through the director-general of the Renaissance Dam project, Kifle Horo, that there are side effects on Egypt and Sudan from the filling operations. However, Horo said his country would not allow the project to be halted or disrupted.