The Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights call to stop violations against workers at Universal Home Appliances


The Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights said its lawyers received 50 complaints of unfair dismissal from workers at Universal Home Appliances.

The human rights group called on the Ministry of Manpower, the Ministry of Investment, and the Parliament’s Manpower Committee, to immediately intervene and investigate violations against the company’s workers. The workers, who the company claims are on strike and refrain from working, suffer from a lack of raw materials and disruption of the salary system, according to the human rights group, which has led to the halting of production in the company’s factories.

The company’s manipulation of workers’ wages and exposing them to poor working and financial conditions led one of them to commit suicide last February, according to the human rights group. They also suffer from the absence of necessary safety and health procedures in the workplace, leading to many of them contracting liver and kidney diseases.