CFJ calls on Sudan to stop deporting opponent Egyptians back to Egypt


The Committee for Justice has documented the Sudanese authorities’ deportation of 11 Egyptian citizens, including women and children, to their country on the grounds of political cases.

The human rights group has issued a statement saying that the forcible deportation of civilians in times of crisis is a crime punishable by international law, especially if this is coupled with the possibility of being subjected to torture in the country to which they are being deported.

The statement stated that the Sudanese authorities justified the deportation of the Egyptians because they were terrorist elements who participated in executing what it said was a terrorist operation in Khartoum in September 2021. Also, the Sudanese authorities have arrested more Egyptians who are not yet known if they will be deported to their country. “This is the product of shameful security cooperation between the two military regimes,” said the human rights group executive director, Ahmed Mufreh. “The Sudanese authorities’ confirmation of their arrest of other Egyptians compels us to intervene to stop these violations.”

The human rights group called on the Sudanese authorities to stop the deportation of Egyptians to their country while providing better conditions of detention and trial for those accused of crimes committed in Sudan. It added that if it was necessary to deport some of them, this should be to a neutral third country and in coordination with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. It also called on the Egyptian authorities to reveal the fate of those deported from Sudan, the nature of the charges against them, and to provide them with fair trials.