Egypt Watch

10 Muslim Brothers sentenced to death in Egypt by emergency court

On Tuesday, the Emergency State Security Criminal Court sentenced ten members of the Muslim Brotherhood to death in the case known as the Helwan Brigades. It also sentenced 56 defendants to life imprisonment, 11 to 15 years in prison, and obligated five defendants to pay 33 million and 148 thousand pounds.

The court convicted them of assembly, vandalism, use of force, violence, and threats to public officials, founding a group contrary to the provisions of the law and supplying it with weapons, ammunition, and explosives. The case, in which 216 residents of Helwan have been tried since 2015, includes 11 defendants who were children when they were arrested, in addition to one woman.

According to the Egyptian Network for Human Rights, the Egyptian political police put maximum pressure, including torture and other violations, against the defendants. EIPR also documented nine deaths among the defendants, either through direct liquidation or medical negligence.