Egypt Watch

Human rights demand to stop arresting journalists and content creators in Egypt

Six human rights organizations denounced the continuous arresting of several journalists and bloggers within lawsuits 440 and 441 of 2022 according to charges raised by the National Security against all detainees despite the variable circumstances of their works, lives and times of arrest.

The human rights organizations demanded the two lawsuits to be closed, the detainees to be immediately released, and the authorities to stop using charges of joining indefinite terrorist groups and publishing false news to prosecute everyone’s attempts to express his opinion in public affairs. The joint statement highlighted the cases of journalists Hala Fahmy and Safaa Korbeji, who work in the official Egyptian TV, as well as web content creators Donia Samir, Zorafaa Alghalaba band, Mohamed Fawzy and Shady Sharaf Eddin, all of them, were arrested and prosecuted just for publishing peaceful opinions and content on social media.

The organizations condemned the Egyptian authorities for continuing such violations in parallel to the ongoing meetings of the National Dialogue that is supposed to accommodate every critical voice and the broad political spectrum and to the presidential promises to release opinion prisoners. Such lawsuits depend on a list of stereotyped charges based on the National Security investigations taken for granted by the Supreme National Security prosecution. According to the statement, the arrests represent a systematic crackdown targeting the freedom of expression in all forms, including routine social media surveillance.

Finally, the signatory organizations, Cairo Institute, Egyptian Front, Though and Expression Freedom Association, El-Nadim Center, Committee for Justice, Freedom Initiative and Egyptian Delegation, renewed their demands to release the detained journalists and to stop prosecuting them with terrorism charges.