Egypt Watch

Opposition MPs express disappointment at the cabinet reshuffle

On Saturday, the representatives of the Justice Party and the Egyptian Social Democratic Party rejected the new cabinet reshuffle approved by Parliament in an emergency session yesterday.

The head of the Justice Party, Abdel Moneim Imam, expressed his disappointment after the cabinet reshuffle did not include ministries concerned with economic and financial affairs.

The Egyptian Social Democratic Party’s deputies refused to vote in approval of the cabinet reshuffle. The deputy head of the party, Freddy Al-Bayadi, said that the limited ministerial change is insufficient, does not live up to expectations and does not meet the needs, stressing that the reshuffle should have included the prime minister.

Representative Maha Abdel Nasser said there is a need for a prime minister who understands the importance of economic development, investment and the private sector. She stressed that the state needs to re-plan and build economic structures, not just infrastructure modernization and construction. “The current moment is economically critical, and we are deeply affected by it, so we need a new government that can address these priorities,” she said.

Representative Ahmed Al-Sharqawi described the reshuffle as an indication of the lack of sufficient attention to citizens’ lives’ economic and social dimensions.