Egypt Watch

Zaki Abdeen: Chairman of NAC resigns after recurrent failures

On Monday, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the New Administrative Capital Company, Major General Ahmed Zaki Abdeen, resigned, citing “health conditions and the desire to find comfort.” However, a source said that Abdeen had to resign because he had made many big, wrong decisions. The source said that Abdeen was urging investors to speed up construction work in the new capital without waiting for the issuance of official licenses, which led to projects with severe and significant shortcomings. “There are entire neighbourhoods that are built without garages. Also, demolished facades because they violated engineering requirements and structural designs,” the source added. “The matter also extended to huge commercial malls, which showed noticeable defects in not adhering to the specified spaces.”

Real estate developers had complained about Abdeen’s decisions and submitted detailed documents proving that he had caused them to lose millions of pounds due to the conflict of his choices with the requirements of the Ministry of Housing and the New Urban Communities Authority.