Human Rights Watch calls for investigating extrajudicial executions in Sinai


On Tuesday, Human Rights Watch issued a statement calling on the Egyptian authorities to open an investigation into circulating photos and videos alleging unlawful executions by civilian forces allied with the military in Sinai. The rights group said the reported actions amounted to war crimes. It also called on what it described as Egypt’s partners to suspend their security and military assistance until such violations end.

The rights group said that accounts on social media circulated videos and photos showing armed elements carrying out extrajudicial executions in the presence of military vehicles or people in military uniforms. It added that it verified the authenticity of some of the clips and identified the locations of the executions. “In these clips, pro-army forces in North Sinai brag about executing men who are bound in captivity,” said Adam Coogle, deputy Middle East and North Africa director at Human Rights Watch. “The impunity of accountability for military operations in North Sinai, rampant over the past decade, has encouraged such atrocities,” he added.