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Former parliamentarian Ahmed El-Tantawy: No one can prevent me from returning to Egypt

Former parliamentarian Ahmed El-Tantawy has said that the current regime is providing the worst performance for a regime in the modern history of Egypt, stressing that he will not be a partner, ally or supporter of it.

During an interview with BBC Arabic, which he gave after his sudden travel to Lebanon, El-Tantawy said that the security services constantly pressured him and prevented him from writing in the press. He added that he is currently in Beirut to study and that he will return to Egypt, “which no one can prevent me from returning to.”

Two leaders of the Karama Party had revealed that El-Tantawy, a former party member, left Egypt for Lebanon after pressure exerted by security authorities on him. El-Tantawi published an article on the Al-Manassa news website entitled “How Can We Impeach The President” on July 14, which caused discontent among leaders within his party. The authorities had arrested close associates of El-Tantawi several months ago.