Activists face unprecedented obstacles to attending COP27, said Climate Change News


Climate Change News has revealed unprecedented difficulties and obstacles facing climate activists and civil society organisations when booking hotels in Sharm El Sheikh, which will host the November COP27. It added that organisations have complained of high reservation prices, while others have complained of having their reservations cancelled without prior notice. During an online press conference last Tuesday, environmental activists described the high cost of hotel accommodations as unprecedented.

Ambassador Ashraf Ibrahim, the logistical coordinator of the summit, said that the increase in reservation prices is due to non-governmental decisions. Carbon Pulse had said it was surprised by the cancellation of its team’s reservations after the organisation booked rooms early in November last year for £11,000, adding that the rooms were re-issued at three times the price.

The Center for Climate Justice also said it received a notification that raised the rates for the rooms it had previously booked increased rates for the rooms it had previously booked from $75 to $500 per night.

American environmental activist Alison Wilson tweeted that she had booked a hotel room in Sharm El-Sheikh to attend the summit but was surprised by an email from the hotel telling her that the total value of the reservation had increased by about $400 due to a government directive.