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Fathi El Nagdy: Fourth Egyptian detainee reported dead this week

According to rights organizations, a fourth Egyptian detainee passed away this week. According to the El-Shehab Center for Human Rights and the Egyptian Network for Human Rights Information, Fathi El-Nagdy Salem, 59, passed away on Sunday in the Zagazig General Hospital after spending four years in jail. Salem, who has diabetes, started to get sicker two days earlier. On Friday, human rights groups revealed the death of an Egyptian detainee in Qanater Prison after eight years of imprisonment. According to the Egyptian Network for Human Rights and El-Shehab Center for Human Rights, detainee Mosaad Tawfiq El-Shafei, 62, died on Thursday. Rights groups held the Ministry of Interior responsible for the death. Rights groups documented the deaths of five detainees in November, two in October, four in September, six in August, seven in July, one in June, six in May, three in April, three in February, and two in January. 2021 witnessed the death of 60 detainees, including 52 political detainees, according to We Record, while 2020 saw 79 cases of medical neglect in prisons.

In the past seven years, about 774 detainees died in various detention facilities, including 73 in 2013, 166 in 2014, 185 in 2015, 121 in 2016, 80 in 2017, 36 in 2018, and 40 in 2019.