ISIS Sinai Province claims responsibility for Ismailia terrorist attack


The Islamic State (IS) has claimed responsibility for an attack on a security point in Ismailia that took place on Friday, killing three police officers and wounding 12 others, according to the Egyptian Ambulance Authority. Amaq News Agency, a news outlet linked to IS, said that shooters affiliated with the organization attacked the security point, in northeastern Egypt, with automatic weapons. Local media spoke of “thwarting” the terrorist attack, while authorities reported casualties among the police without mentioning their number.

The Egyptian Ministry of Interior has not yet issued any statement about the incident. In November, members of the Egyptian security forces were killed and injured in an attack by the ISIS-affiliated Sinai Province organization on a security point near the Suez Canal. The Egyptian Armed Forces have lost thousands of its officers and soldiers during the last decade due to the war with the Sinai Province. Tribal groups supporting the army have also lost dozens of their members. Military operations have failed to eliminate the terrorist organization, despite security cooperation between the Egyptian and Israeli armies.