Egypt Watch

Human rights activists criticize the blocking of press websites in Egypt

On Monday, journalists, human rights activists, and intellectuals gathered to denounce the restrictions imposed by the Egyptian government on the media and the blocking of press websites. In a round session organized by the National Council for Human Rights, political activist Esraa Abdel-Fattah it was said that there is no specific mechanism for implementing the National Human Rights Strategy.

The initiative launched by the Egyptian government in September 2021 included general principles related to freedoms, social rights, and women’s rights. Participants in the session, also organized by the Swiss Embassy in Cairo, criticized the government’s blocking of press websites, considering it a major impediment to freedom of expression. The head of the Reform and Development Party, Muhammad Anwar al-Sadat, said there is no justification for continuing to block such websites. The National Council for Human Rights should urge the authorities to stop blocking them.