Egypt’s poultry breeding sector faces a massive crisis


On Monday, a member of the General Federation of Poultry Producers in Egypt, Musa Saqr, said that about two million workers out of four million working in the poultry breeding sector had been laid off as a result of the closure of small breeders’ farms, which represent about 70% of the sector’s production capacity.

Poultry prices have exceeded 90 Egyptian pounds per kilogram, according to Saqr. He expected the kilogram price to exceed one hundred Egyptian pounds within a month if the crisis were not remedied with imported poultry. “However, the current crisis will not be overcome unless feed prices fall,” he added. During the past two years, many of those concerned with the poultry industry in Egypt has warned of losses that small breeders may suffer, which may lead them to exit the production cycle. Poultry prices have increased by about 170% since last January.