Egypt Watch

Rights group denounces deliberate medical negligence in prisons in Egypt

The Egyptian Network for Human Rights has issued a statement denouncing the deliberate medical negligence in prisons and detention facilities in Egypt.

The rights group said that the Egyptian authorities do not observe the constitution, the law, internal prison regulations, and international laws when treating political prisoners. It continued that the nation needs more adequate detention facilities, particularly those with access to medical care. The deliberate delay in providing medical treatment has led to the deterioration of the health of hundreds of prisoners and the death of many of them.

The Egyptian government is directly responsible for providing the necessary health care for political prisoners, it added, and the various state agencies must provide this care appropriately that is consistent with the safety and security of the prisoners. The human rights group held the Public Prosecution responsible for investigating complaints and appeals sent by prisoners, adding that the Public Prosecution must reveal any intentional negligence on the part of prison administrations.