Egypt Watch

Rights group submits complaint to Public Prosecutor against harassment of female political prisoner

On Wednesday, human rights lawyer Nabih Al-Janadi said that he had submitted a complaint to the Public Prosecutor against the harassment of a female political prisoner at the hands of a warden at Al-Qanater Al-Khairiya Prison for Women. The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights said that Aya Kamal Hussein, who is in pre-trial detention pending case No. 93 of 2023, complained of harassment. The rights group also called for her release. According to the rights group, Hussein, 28, suffers from asthma and imprisonment could have lasting effects on her health.

The human rights group emphasized the prisoner’s right to non-humiliating, humane treatment and that the prison administration should protect the prisoner from physical or psychological harm rather than punishing her for using her right to complain. The prosecution accuses Hussein of joining a terrorist group and spreading false news.